Dashboard Features

Dedicated Dashboard Features

Features of Successful Real-time Dashboards
Fees Tracking

Fees Tracking and Advance Reports

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In today’s scenario, parents are very busy with multiple responsibilities and hence are not able to keep a track of the fees that they have submitted. QUIKFEE comes to the rescue by offering a feature which allows the parents to keep a track of how much fees has been deposited and also gives a report on the same.

Automatic Fee Calculation

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Many a times the parents do not know how much exactly they have to pay for their children’s fees. To deal with problem QUIKFEE has a unique solution which calculates the fees for the parents by taking into account the previous overdue amount (if any), any increase in the next session fees and then generates the final amount to be paid.

Custom Fees and SMS notification

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Just like parents, students are also overloaded with assignments and quizzes and have to handle multiple deadlines. In this situation they might forget to notify their parents about the impending fees submission.

Also many students pay fees differently than their peers, due to different factors.
QUIKFEE boasts of providing a way to calculate customized fees for such students. Also this feature allows student to enter their mobile number and be notified about the details of their fees transaction.


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This gives a comprehensive and exhaustive list of filters for the users to choose from, which allows them to generate detailed reports of their preference. This helps in the comparative analysis of such data items.

Examples of reports generated are Financial Projections, Real Time Transaction, Student Wise Report and Demand vs. Collections Report.


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In the current era, connectivity is of vital importance. And to facilitate the easy export of these reports, QUIKFEE provides a smart sharing option which allows the users to share these reports with many options like Print and Email. The reports can also be downloaded.

Autonomy over Fee regulations

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Nowadays, there are many workshops and events at most of the schools. And most of these are paid programs. This unique feature of QUIKFEE empowers the users to generate various types of fees including dynamic late fine, optional fees, fees for summer camps and workshops etc.

Online Refund

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Many times the service claimed by the schools might not work out, e.g. a workshop could be cancelled at the last minute. Since participation to such events is on a fees regulated basis, this demands for a dynamic refund option.

Hence QUIKFEE facilitates a convenient and instant option for the users to get a refund through Merchant Web Interface.